3488 - Ne kadar Zekisin? İlk adım

Ürün Kodu: 3488

koli-adetiKoli Adeti : 34
koli-olculeriKoli Ölçüleri : 54x42x27/0,061 m³
urun-olculeriÜrün ölçüleri : 25,5×25,5×2,5 cm
yasYaş : 5+ yıl

HOW TO PLAY : Are you genius? is our game for every child over five years old and also adults can test their inteligence by this game.  There are two different carts in the box, one is with pictures and the other is with numbers. You can chose one and put it in the under box and choose a picture from the card. The aim is to set the coloured shapes in the box by leaving the choosed picture open. Contest can be arrange between some people against to time.